Saving made easy

Ciao, Italy! Grazie, Vacation Account.

Choose the account that helps you plan ahead. After all, saving is part of a wise financial plan.

Savings Account

This savings account lets you decide how much you want to save, and you earn dividends at a competitive rate. This Savings Account comes with your membership.

Not a 1st Cooperative FCU member?

Youth Savers Account

Teach your children at a young age the value of saving.

Kids Club (ages 2–12) account
Teen Savers (ages 13–17) account

This account requires at least one adult as Joint Owner.

Holiday Helper Account

Your holidays can be less hectic with a Holiday Helper Account. For your convenience, the balance of your Holiday Helper Account is transferred to your primary 1st Cooperative Savings Account on or after November 1 each year.

Vacation Account

Plan for your time off each summer with a Vacation Account. For your convenience, the balance of your Vacation Account is transferred to your primary 1st Cooperative Savings Account on or after May 1 each year.

Savings Certificates

You can earn higher dividends by opening a savings certificate, also known as a certificate of deposit. Minimum balances are based on the term of your certificate investment. Check out terms, minimums and rates here. Then use this handy form to Open a Savings Certificate. Or call us for more information at 803-796-0234.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

If you have a high deductible health insurance plan, you can save money for qualified healthcare expenses—and possibly save on taxes, too. If your employer offers a high deductible health plan, call us at 803-796-0234 to open an HSA.


Already a credit union member? 

Now is the time to open a Checking Account, too. Use the form below to open a new account.

Not a credit union member? 

First, join and set up a Savings Account—which comes with every membership. You can also open Checking Account with this form.

savings account rates

Check interest rates for savings accounts.

Certificate Rates

Check interest rates for savings certificates.

contact us

to ask about a savings account.


803-796-0234 M-F, 8:30 a.m. – 5p.m.

Her story

That’s the Italian island of Capri looking beautiful. And that’s Annette looking very pleased that her Vacation Account helped her save to visit Capri and the Amalfi Coast. A life goal reached. A happy co-op employee. A great credit union.

What can we help you achieve? Felici vacanze—happy vacation!

These instructions apply only for your first time logging on to our new Online Banking system after September 2.

If you are an existing Online Banking user, here’s how to log on to our new Online Banking system:

  • Your temporary Logon ID (username) is the member number for the Primary Member on the account.
    • You must enter leading zeroes to make it 6 digits.
    • Examples: If your current member number is 1234, you would enter 001234. For the member number 12, you would enter 000012.
  • Your temporary Security Code (password) is the last 4 digits of the Primary Account holder’s Social Security number.
    • Example: 9876

You will be prompted to change your Logon ID and Security Code. Once these are changed, you will use your NEW Logon ID and Security Code the next time you log on to Online Banking.

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