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The second time was still quick.

Get a great credit card rate

LIMITED-TIME OFFER: Transfer your high-interest balance from another credit card to a new or existing 1st Cooperative Visa® Platinum and get a 6.99% interest rate until that balance is paid off. And there’s no transfer fee. This special rate begins February 1 and ends April 15.

Don’t have a 1st Cooperative Visa® Platinum? Apply now to be ready for the February 1 start date. It can take up to 15 business days after you submit your application until you receive your new credit card.

How to make a balance transfer:

1.     Apply now for your new Visa if you do not have one.

2.     Before you call to begin your transfer:

  • Have your Visa Platinum available. (Your credit card must have sufficient unused credit for the amount you plan to transfer to it.)
  • Know the name and mailing address of the credit card issuer from which you will be transferring a balance, and the account number
  • Know the dollar amount of the balance you want to transfer

3.     Then, between February 1 and April 15, call 1-855-504-3392 to
        make a balance transfer.

About the 1st Cooperative Visa® Platinum

We wanted our members to have a great credit card that is

  • free and easy to use
  • has lower interest rates and
  • provides a generous awards program.

The Visa® Platinum delivers.

No annual fee to use the card.

No balance transfer fee when you consolidate multiple card balances. Get better terms and a convenient single payment each month.

No cash-advance fee at any financial institution or ATM displaying the Visa logo.

Grace period of 25 days interest-free on all new purchases.

Great rates as low as 8.50% APR.

Online access to review your account and make payments online.

Generous rewards for every dollar you spend for purchases. Earn points that can be redeemed for hotels, airline travel, electronics, gift certificates and more. When you receive your card, be sure to visit external link icon small-gold to sign up for great rewards every time you shop.

See application information below.

How to get an application

Please contact us for an application. For security purposes, it must be completed on paper.

contact us

for a Visa Platinum application.

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Get interest rates for credit card accounts.


803-796-0234 M-F, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Her Story

Joanne Emanuel and her husband have been members for 18 years, and they’ve learned that financial help is just a phone call away. The credit union helped them finance a new Buick in 2018 in a “couple of hours—all over the phone,” said Joanne. A year later, they were ready to buy an SUV. This time, Jo Ann, our COO, helped Joanne, our member (this could get confusing), with another loan, “and again everything was handled over the phone in just a few hours,” said Joanne, the member.

Whew! Glad the staff is on the ball. And, on the phone whenever you need them.