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The resources were ready for Kendell, even in California.

His Story

Even when you’re on the west coast, 1st Cooperative can help. That’s the lesson Kendell, a former South Carolina co-op employee, learned when that BMW caught his eye. “I was traveling for work when I decided to make a purchase in California. They made the loan process a breeze.” Like the breeze he feels on the open road.

We want to know: Did he ride those two wheels all the way back home?

These instructions apply only for your first time logging on to our new Online Banking system after September 2.

If you are an existing Online Banking user, here’s how to log on to our new Online Banking system:

  • Your temporary Logon ID (username) is the member number for the Primary Member on the account.
    • You must enter leading zeroes to make it 6 digits.
    • Examples: If your current member number is 1234, you would enter 001234. For the member number 12, you would enter 000012.
  • Your temporary Security Code (password) is the last 4 digits of the Primary Account holder’s Social Security number.
    • Example: 9876

You will be prompted to change your Logon ID and Security Code. Once these are changed, you will use your NEW Logon ID and Security Code the next time you log on to Online Banking.

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