Insurance made easy

Filling the GAP: We did it for Ashley—twice.

No one likes to pay for insurance, but everybody loves having it when the need arises.

We offer options for the most-needed forms of coverage.
  • Start with a free $1,000 policy for accidental death and dismemberment protection just for being a 1st Cooperative member. Add more if needed.
  • Car, home and life insurance covers three important parts of our lives.
  • Protect your credit history with insurance to repay your loan if you can’t due to sickness, disability or death.
  • Mechanical repair coverage covers those unexpected big vehicle repairs.

Accidental death & dismemberment insurance

It’s free for members.

Complete an enrollment form, and you will qualify for $1,000 of 24-hour accidental death and dismemberment insurance at no cost. You may also purchase additional coverage or a family plan.

Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP)

If you think your auto insurance covers you financially, think again.

The GAP reimbursement program pays the difference between your loan balance and your insurance company’s settlement payment if your vehicle is totaled in an accident or stolen and not recovered.

Credit insurance

It pays your loans when you can’t.

Protect your creditworthiness, and get help repaying a loan during a disability or sickness or if you die before the balance is paid. There are two types of protection for both consumer loans and credit card debt.

Auto and home insurance

Affordable plans, trusted source.

TruStage Insurance has connected with 1st Cooperative FCU to provide you the best insurance coverage and pricing available.

Whole life and term life insurance

Expect the best, prepare for the worst.

Think ahead. Plan wisely. Protect your family in case you don’t live to see your and their dreams come true.

Mechanical repair coverage

Help protect your vehicle.

As your vehicle gets older, the risk and cost of repairs increases. Repair coverage can protect you from those costs, with three levels of coverage to choose from: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

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to ask about insurance.


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Their Story

Wreck #1: Ashley’s husband was in a car accident that totaled their 2009 Mini Cooper. “Luckily, we had GAP (Guaranteed Auto Protection) coverage that paid the difference between what we owed and the car’s actual value the insurance paid.

Wreck #2: The deer “came out of nowhere,” Ashley said, and totaled their 2013 GMC Terrain. “GAP saved the day again. We learned the coverage is worth every penny.”