Anna’s brother-in-law was right.

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The second decade of the 21st century brought another security consideration for users of paper checks and other dated paper documents.

Online (digital) banking is easy and convenient, but many of us still pay with paper drafts—that’s what a check is, one way to draft money from your account. And, security is important either way.

Consider this: If you write a date on a check in this format — 5/1/20 — and a mischievous person obtains the check, you’ve provided an easy path to a scam. The “20” in the date is not only the year but also the current century. That means a scammer could add “19” to the “20” you wrote and have a check ready for cashing. Or they could add “21” to make “2021” and have a check ready to cash next year.

So, 5/1/2020 is the way to go … or better yet May 1, 2020.

Her Story

When Anna needed a new car, her brother-in-law Kenny, a co-op employee, recommended 1st Cooperative, where family members of co-op employees can join, too. She opened her account and bought a new vehicle the same day. Then, for the double-win: While applying for the car loan, she also got a debt consolidation loan and is paying lower overall interest.

That’s great news, Anna, like the information you’ll find on this page.

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