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Your VISA® Platinum online account is getting a new look

Our VISA® Platinum card online account has a new look beginning February 27, 2024.

The changes mean you’ll enjoy a more intuitive interface, making it even easier to manage your payments and view your transactions. This new look will enhance your overall banking experience.

Here’s what the new online account site looks like for VISA Platinum credit card holders:

Account Homepage

VISA online account homepage

Account Statements

VISA online payments

Account Payments

VISA online payments

Visa platinum application

Apply for a Visa Platinum credit card.

contact us

for a Visa Platinum application.

interest rates

Get interest rates for credit card accounts.


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Joanne Emanuel and her husband have been members for 18 years, and they’ve learned that financial help is just a phone call away. The credit union helped them finance a new Buick in 2018 in a “couple of hours—all over the phone,” said Joanne. A year later, they were ready to buy an SUV. This time, the credit union helped Joanne with another loan, “and again everything was handled over the phone in just a few hours,” said Joanne.

The staff is on the ball. And, on the phone whenever you need them.

These instructions apply only for your first time logging on to our new Online Banking system after September 2.

If you are an existing Online Banking user, here’s how to log on to our new Online Banking system:

  • Your temporary Logon ID (username) is the member number for the Primary Member on the account.
    • You must enter leading zeroes to make it 6 digits.
    • Examples: If your current member number is 1234, you would enter 001234. For the member number 12, you would enter 000012.
  • Your temporary Security Code (password) is the last 4 digits of the Primary Account holder’s Social Security number.
    • Example: 9876

You will be prompted to change your Logon ID and Security Code. Once these are changed, you will use your NEW Logon ID and Security Code the next time you log on to Online Banking.

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